Sunday, 23 September 2012

VileArts Radio Hour: Episode 3 etc

Tomorrow's show: Episode III of the Vile Arts 2012 (Autumn Season) is pretty theatre heavy. We have the magical Magnetic North coming in for a chat about Sex and God, plus Vanessa Coffey who will be talking about the SMHFAF...
But do you want a guest to talk to?

I already have one! Peter McMaster has agreed to come in for a chat about his all-male performance based on Wuthering Heights. He's performing next week at Arches Live.

I know Peter McMaster. He washed me once, when I was naked.

I'm not sure I want to picture that. tongue

But what makes you want to talk to him? I mean, he does have a good track record and all... he has worked with Nic Green, and has an interest in environmentalism. But why is he the first guest for our new slot, Eric's Cafe?

Aye but his latest show examines what it is to be a man today and it intrigues me to know. It seems easy to define biologically, but when asked what a man is, different people will give you different answers. Apparently, his collaboration with Murray Wason, Chris Hall, Nick Anderson and Thom Scullion looks at the character of Heathcliff who basically disappears from the story for a while and then returns as 'a man'.

So - you identify with Heathcliff?

Actually, I don't know that much about him - I've only seen the film, and as far as I recall he is violent. But some people might identify with him. Do you identify with Heathcliff?

What, you mean a grumpy, over-sexed, hairy and vicious bumpkin, of uncertain racial heritage, a sense of intellectual inferiority and constantly misunderstood by sentimenatlists as a romantic hero?
Goes without saying.

Well, you're hairy and misunderstood...
Maybe I should bring 'Don't let me be misunderstood' by Nina Simone for you on Monday...

Okay. We'll start the show with that. We've got Jer Reid coming in for a chat at the end of the show...

we've got loads of people coming in for a chat!
He's going to be our exception then?
(music versus theatre)
Also, did you steal the inspiration to invite him from listening to the Black Sun Drum Korps?

Jer Reid is certainly our musical guest. He does have a bit of previous in the theatre world, though: he has worked with Curious Seed, the dance company... and he did this Winter Cycle, a series of duets that had actors, artists and musicians teaming up to rock against the cold.

Where do Magnetic North and Vanessa Coffey fit in though?

Hey, it's the show that's good everything! Masculinity, Sex, God, Improvisation, Mental Health...

What more could we want in life?

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