Thursday, 27 September 2012

Probably not an exclusive now but I tried: Michael Clark announces special guest...

I've been sitting on an article about Michael Clark's Barrowland Project for a while - I'll put it up some time in the next week when I finally work out whether it can be considered as a community piece (there was five minutes of performance by 'local people') or a dry run for the new work he is presenting at Tramway in the first weekend of October.

The professional parts of the Barrowlands Project were stunning, slinky and stylish, and the musical choices, as to be expected, were slyly hip. That Scritti Politti have been announced as special guests for the New Work next week does suggest that Clark was testing a few ideas at the Barras that are going to be developed in the New Work.

However, this very short blog simply says that Clark is getting a live band up on the stage with him at Tramway. Just like in the piece that inspired me to write about dance, Curious Orange. Only that time, it was The Fall, a cantankerous post-punk ensemble led by a lyricist determined to follow his own path.  This time, it's Scritti Politti, a  post-punk ensemble led by a lyricist determined to follow his own path. 

It's Tramway, it's Clark - who has made peace with the ghosts of his ballet training, it's a live band. I am a little excited...

Thu 4 - Sat 6 October 7:30pm

Tickets £20 / £15

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