Monday, 10 September 2012

Vile Arts IV: A New Hope

"So, Daphne, how did you find the first show?"

Vile is sitting in the Subcity office, looking inordinately pleased with himself.  Daphne is trying to tidy up the big pile of CDs he has left scattered around the room, wondering what happened to that coffee he promised three hours earlier.

"I think you'll need to explain what was going on. I like the guests - Gillian Gourlay opened up the show with her conversation about the importance of the National Theatre's outreach and education, and it kept going right up until the end, when Niall came on to give the vision of Subcity. But how did you select the music?"

"Never mind the philosophy, look at the exclusives... Natalie Pryce, who have an album coming out next week: DIVORCE, the same - and a pretty sparkling write up in the list, to be: MacMaster and Hay  - and I was pretty impressed with what they can do with the harp and electronics."

Daphne squinted at the playlist. "Don't you have any blues?"

"I always have the blues, I don't need to play them. But it was great when Calum MacAskill asked for some Nick Cave: that's the modern blues right there... the sort of blues felt by an alienated Greek monster, I'd say And the Phat Trophies articulate a particular angst - like going to a bar on the Southside on a Saturday night."

"So - the John Cage and the Woody Guthrie. That's about the celebrations for their centenaries? Like I told you five minutes before we went on air?"

"Exactly: it is a year of anniversaries. The Arches is twenty-one, Scottish Opera is fifty..."

"How long has Fielding been doing Cry Parrot?"

"I thought you were going to be my researcher?"

"Maybe it is time you had a chat with me, instead of this pretend person you keep inventing. Especially since I am in the office next to you, waiting for that coffee..."


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