Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Diderot and the Lapdancer: Interlude 1, a poetic battle

Is not my body beautiful? She said, slipping from her dress.
Many things are beautiful: it’s just what we like the best.

Does not my revelation inspire you to adore me?
I honour the upright, he replied. You’re distracting, a debauchery.

Your denial of attraction suggests God just got it wrong
In creating skin so fair and my limbs so comely long.
I feel only pity for your sorry pretty vice:
You are just mistaking bad things for the nice.

Do I practice without reason, a science imperfect?
Your metaphysic’s already clear: it’s just cause and effect.

You resist this sacred moment, you cling to social codes...
A good man when unhappy still knows the happy road.

You are talking like a Stoic, but you were born an Epicure.
Attachment is no virtue, but virtue is its cure.

Be passive in your enjoyment, sit back and relax.Happiness is the final goal of every human’s acts.

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