Tuesday, 1 December 2015

FFS Volume 23

Aside from the obnoxious and voyeuristic descriptions of the victim's suffering, then media coverage of failed former mixed martial arts fight War Machine's prosecution for thirty-four felonies against his ex-girlfriend has been notable for the repeated description of Christy Mack as a porn star or adult film actress

While War Machine's pitiful career as a Big Tough Fighting Guy might be relevant to his spectacular performance of beating the living shit out of another human being and threatening to kill them, Mack's job is strictly irrelevant to her experience on the receiving end of The Machine's violent sociopathy.

Quite why he's even contesting the case is mysterious. After battering his ex, he went on the run, suggesting he knew he going to end up in prison. And he is also claiming to have found Jesus. Frankly, Christianity gets enough bad press without this wanker bending his knee to Christ, but if he listens hard enough to the Lord, he might hear the words 'repentance' rather than 'act like a fucking prick in the court-room, yeah?'.

But here's the kicker. Mr Machine might be an arsehole - he blew a kiss at Mack during the trial - but his lawyer takes it further. 

His defence lawyer Brandon Sua... claimed Mack, who met Koppenhaver during work on an adult film, had engaged in consensual rough sex throughout their relationship and said her work in pornography suggested consent.

Mr Sua also claimed her performances showed “the desire, the preference, the acceptability towards a particular form of sex activities that were outside of the norm”.

Of course, this is slut-shaming, attempting to use the victim's sexual history as an excuse for a rapist. Of course it is revolting, and of course it has no place in a serious legal defence.

But it is a nice example of othering, of placing a sex-worker outside of the normal laws of society. But liking a bit of rough isn't the same as giving informed consent to having eighteen bones broken. 

I'm stating the obvious, but this made me pretty angry. 


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