Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Three for the D.L

You like Glasgow, right? I mean, you live there, have a great view of the city and everything? So I reckon you'd fancy a bit of Cracked Tiles action. 

Admittedly, it is a one man show, and has an Italian-Scots perspective, which is slightly different to your own experience: but who can resist the sight of a man wrestling with his family (not literally) in the back of a chip shop?

Edinburgh tends to think it's all that during August - biggest festival of arts, lots of tourists, bouts of reasonable weather, but here's a shout out to Lorenzo Novani for keeping it Glasgow.

I think. He studied over here, did the West End Festival and...

Be Better is having a crack at that pernicious religion of the late
consumer society: self-improvement. I know I gave up on that a few years ago, to slide into an obscure antagonism to anything that speaks of success, but the Urban Foxes tickle my fancy with what looks like a physical and exhausting assault on all that bullshit. 

Their reference points probably make more to sense to critics (Forced Entertainment and Vincent Dance Theatre), but they are on the more anarchic side of performance... only where Forced Entertainment have gone a bit middle-aged lately, The Foxes are leaping about for a theatrical pillow fight. I don't think that is literally, again. 

But what about some music? Check out the visuals for Fiona Soe
Pang's Alien Lullabies. It's a wild, uncanny creature, asking me what the hell it is up to - marching? Going to the shops to get some probes for earthlings? Messing with my head with those luscious eyes... I know it is made of wood but I am entranced.

I have been waiting to see this for an age, and I am glad Made in Scotland decided to bung Fiona some cash to be part of their showcase. I like it best when Scottish work does not pull on received notions of identity and heads off into this psychedelic fantasy. And the music is haunting and evocative and... yep. This works for me. 

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