Monday, 6 July 2015

Five Reasons to Love the Dramaturgy Database

You've been waiting for it all year, but it is over too quickly. It promises so much, but takes more than it gives. Optimism is crushed, dreams are cruelly exposed, and it leaves a bitter aftertaste.

But that's enough about an evening with me. Let's talk about The Fringe and the amazing Dramaturgy Database Project.

It's Getting Bigger
Seriously, check it out. I reckon there are around one hundred posts on this blog that are tagged with Edfringe 2015 and Dramaturgy database. Sure, it doesn't compete with the proper publications like The List, but it is a remarkable size for one man with a slight compulsive disorder. And size counts, sometimes: it's the fish and chip shop with the longest queue that serves the tastiest haddock.

Publishers, Stop Me
Lots of people have written about theatre and put it in a book. But I am giving it away for free. I earn nothing from this project, except bragging rights. But publishers - don't you worry that I am destroying your market? Wouldn't it be sensible to buy me off - maybe get a contract out for me, not on me? You could turn this into a book that at least four libraries would want. 

There are Prizes
Laura Ingram is getting a prize for passing 200 visits to her interview. Louise Ahl has accepted her gift pack for answering questions in the first quiz. To be in the running for a bunch of stuff out of my cupboard, get your interview in the database.

It's Democratic
Theatre is full of left wing thinkers. This often translates to moaning at the government for cutting funding, without examining how egalitarian principles can play out within the theatre sector. The database offers the same opportunities to every single contributor - same questions, same process, same speedy upload. It's better than a Che Guevara poster.

It is Interesting
Luckily, most of the database is not Vile ranting about how great he is, or pondering his lack of romantic success. It is artists talking about how they make their work. Really, its success is down to the amazing generosity of the contributors. I want to say thank you for being involved, engaged and intriguing. 

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