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Emergency Dramaturgy: Lottie Finklaire @ Edfringe 2015

“a well-executed and insightful take on the pressures of youth”

“There’s a strong ensemble feel to the piece with nicely observed performances”

“It’s a promising debut by this young company” - Glen Pearce (Public Reviews)

“Robyn fell, now we're here. That's the facts.”
We all want to run away from something.

At the end of a long party three girls wait in A+E for answers, time


Two people meet in a wasteland, sharing thoughts that no one else understands.

One will fall in love, one will just fall.

Or jump.

Inspired by a true story from the middle class suburbs of London, Hounded are proud to present A+E, a show about friendship, love and loss.

Written By Lottie Finklaire, Directed by Gabrielle Sheppard, Designed by Sara Hjördís Blöndal.

The ShowWhat inspired this production: did you begin with an idea or a
script or an object? Lottie Finklaire: Hounded formed on the Acting and Contemporary Theatre Course at East 15. During their final year they developed and performed A+E as part of the 'Debut Festival'. A+E was written by one of the company founders, Lottie Finklaire. Finklaire was inspired to write the play about a real event that happened during her late teenage years.

What can the audience expect to see and feel - or even think - of your production?
They can expect to see some wonderful performances, lots of glitter, some live music. In particular they can expect to see women that seem familiar in the real world, but often do not make it on stage. In short, expect to see different kinds of heroines to what you're used to. They may relate to it, they may feel inspired, they may feel taken a back. 

Really they can expect a funny, insightful and ballsy tour through the pressures of Youth.

The Dramaturgy Questions

How would you explain the relevance - or otherwise - of dramaturgy within your work?Well. It's a play made by trained theatre makers with actors in it. There is dramaturgy... what does this question mean?

What particular traditions and influences would you
acknowledge on your work - have any particular artists, or genres inspired you and do you see yourself within their tradition?
Hounded have drawn a lot of influence from their time at East 15 on the Acting and Contemporary Theatre (CT) course. They have been trained by East 15, Uri Roonder and Marcin Rudy in Lecoq, Stanislavsky and Grotowski methods. 

The course has provided the world with several new Theatre companies, such as ANTLER Theatre, who Hounded have been inspired by.

Outside of the CT family, Hounded have also been inspired by 'Complicite' and 'Gecko' Theatre companies.

Do you have a particular process of making that you could describe - where it begins, how you develop it, and whether there is any collaboration in the process?A+E was a rather straightforward affair, Lottie wrote a script, Gabrielle liked it, they discussed how they saw it on stage, they asked Joel Reeves (other company member) to take a role in it. They gathered the rest of the cast and set to work.

Generally, this is how to process starts, with an idea and then finding the right people for the job. Then during the rehearsal process Hounded work hard to maintain a positive approach, we're all friends, and to keep ideas and structure as flexible as possible.

What do you feel the role of the audience is, in terms of making the meaning of your work? That's a really hard question because I want to say that the meaning of our work is inside the script and the play but that meaning cannot exist without an audience who is willing to watch and engage in it.

Are there any questions that you feel I have missed out that would help me to understand how dramaturgy works for you?To be honest with you, no.

I hope I haven't been too vague. Often I find that creating good work simply requires the creator to be as free from intellectual analysis as possible and to work mainly on impulse and instinct, which is how Hounded work. It's unusual for us to reflect so academically!

A play unafraid to explore the other side of the coin, swapping working class grit for a a hilarious drama that unpacks the middle class lifestyle

An honest portrayal of today’s society through the eyes of young adults
A touching love story we've all found ourselves familiar with at one point or another
New writing, new talent, new company.

Hounded have been trained on the Acting and Contemporary Theatre Course at East 15

5th – 31st August, 12.15pm, Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Two

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