Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Death of Lady Mondegreen a solo show by Douglas Morland.

Morland takes this idea of mishearing or mistranslation as a starting point to create an assemblage of sculptural and image-based works that tease at creating echoes and suggestions of form and meaning.

Utilising a variety of motifs , textures and processes that have appeared previously in his practice and through a process of composition, veiling and revealing, a fictive space is suggested – the stage-like space where the dramatic tussle of language to form or discern meaning takes place.

Morland’s film Broadcast Rites also deals with issues to do with the transmission, reception and physicality of information, while obliquely echoing the forms and motifs of the work it plays alongside.

Douglas Morland (b.1974) is a Glasgow-based artist and musician. He studied Drawing and Painting then attended the Master of Fine Art programme at Glasgow School of Art and has exhibited extensively, in the UK and internationally.

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