Monday, 15 June 2015

Janis Joplin: Full Tilt

A celebration of a sound, a scream of protest at the universe. Full Tilt Boogie.

For 6 nights only the award-winning 2014 Fringe sell-out Janis Joplin: Full Tilt returns bigger and better than ever.

Angie Darcy as Janis Joplin is electric. Winner of Best Performance Award at The Musical Theatre Network Awards 2014.

From Fringe First award winning playwright Peter Arnott and multi- award winning director Cora Bissett (Roadkill ),
"so brilliant and intense musically and dramatically it lifts the hairs on the back of the neck" ***** Scotsman.
Writer Peter Arnott says:
"The story of Janis Joplin was , for me, the story of the sixties...The sixties is where everything comes from...It's about race, it's about gender, it's about rock and roll...And when the chance came along to write her story...with this band...this director...and that voice!...Angie Darcy...well it wasn't a tough choice."

Director Cora Bissett says:
The story of Janis for me is of a woman who was fighting against convention on every front; not considered classically beautiful, she forged an unmistakeable identity as a wild uninhibited and unapologetic version of her own brand of ‘sexiness’. She was one of few female artists to hold her own in the male dominated world of rock. Coming from a small, conservative, racist town in 50’s America, she outraged peers and community by aligning herself with black music and culture, and so too was fighting against the deeply entrenched racist views within society at that time. Though heroic in many ways, Joplin’s story is at once tragic too, and her premature and unintentional death was a huge loss to the world. Peter created a wonderful script which neither mythologised nor belittled the immense life of Joplin, but delicately reflected universal truths back to us; Women are still fighting to be seen for who they are and what they do as opposed to what they look like. Her battles are still being fought. The celebrity myth is ever more oppressive. Angie Darcy gives Janis Joplin her own brand of Hamilton bred firebrandism and comes out in a blaze of glory.”

Cast includes Angie Darcy as Janis Joplin and Harry Ward (Musical Director /Electric Guitar), Andy Barbour (Keys) and James Grant (Drums) as The Full Tilt Boogie Band.

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