Friday, 5 June 2015

Five Reasons to see STAND at The Arches

1. Chris Goode lives up to his name
His ancestors might have added an 'e', but Chris Goode's theatre work is both ethical and well-made. Previously, he took kids words and put them in the mouths of adults (Monkey Bars) and rocked the Fringe (Men in Cities). For STAND, he is doing that verbatim thing again, only this time it is the words of activists. 

2. You want to save The Arches
There has been a lot of chat about the importance of The Arches as a cultural centre, and how the loss of the late licence threatens the future of performance in Glasgow. It is one thing to sign a petition, but another thing to turn up on a Sunday night and watch a show. It takes a bit more effort, but an evening of theatre is more rewarding then putting a tick in a box.
Besides, seeing the show keeps The Arches going, and proves its importance.

3. Activism is cool
STAND is all about the actions of those willing to make a stand. It uses their words, and offers up a space for discussion about what it means to act on beliefs. Even if Goode ruins the script, there is plenty of content for political rumination - and Glasgow loves a bit of that chat.

4. It's Sunday night
What else are you doing? Apart from church or going to see Mad Max again? Visit The Arches, make Sunday special again.

5. Be part of a community
I think I ranted about community as the commodified version of 'being together', so call me a hypocrite. However, and this applies to any live event, getting out of the house and watching a show offers the chance for chat, a cheeky pint and a recognition that Glasgow is a great place to be.

Bonus: If you come because of this post and it's shit, I shall write a personal and public apology to you on this blog
Or you can ask me to write about any topic. This is a special, one-time only offer.

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