Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Anti-Feminism Time.

The best thing about living in the twentieth first century, an age in which metaphysics are dead, ethics have got a headache and reasoned argument is locked in the toilet, is that slogans have replaced thinking. Saying some shit is the same as having considered it. 

I don't actually know who Chrissy Teigen is, but some article said that this was an example of a 'woman's voice more powerful than her body'.

Actually, that's not feminism she is describing. It's Conservative party policy since they won a majority at the election. A feminism without a sense of morality? Her definition does not even include any mention of the many forms of gender identity. Messed up, indeed.

Only fair to include some kind of anti-feminist slogan to mock. I love the way that this contrasts a pin-up image with a series of slurs against feminists... although if they did hate men, the designer of this particular meme might ponder whether the message of hate here could justify that rage?

Also, hairy legs are a personal choice.

It's a classic, but there has to be space for the reverend Pat's classic definition. He probably started up the 'messed up definitions'. Here, he confuses feminism with... communist satanism. 

I admit that I wanted to mock the former leader of The Labour Party for this act of bad faith: he is, after all, wearing a t-shirt rather than addressing the issue of gender equality in a meaningful manner. But this seems a fairer way to present him, especially after he lost the election.

I do find this meme funny on all sorts of levels. 

I just remembered that I said I wouldn't say 'feminism' without a qualifying adjective... so this has been bought to you by a Cixous inspired feminist.

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  1. Oh you feminists. Still trying hard to stay relevant in the first world.