Monday, 8 June 2015

Age of Ultron: Plot Synopsis

So the action starts with the American heroes overwhelming a Nazi Mad Scientist. They get hold of his experiments and take them back to the USA, and tinker about with his gear.

Well, that doesn't sound likely at all.
Not sure what to say about this...

The well-meaning American scientists decide to use the nasty Nazi science to create a peace-keeping weapon. No sort of commentary here on the ethics of post-war science.

Then it blows up in everyone's faces, as the peace-keeper goes rogue. It's like the writers have completely ignored the way foreign policy works.

It all kicks off somewhere in central Europe, with super-powered individuals raging at American industry for indiscriminately selling weapons of war to aggressive militias. Oh, it is almost libel.

Then the Americans have to step in to sort out a mess that they created. That has never happened before. But then they win, so there is some basis in recent history

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