Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Theatre Royal Ghost Tours Return

Bigger and better minds than mine have tried to answer this question. Even saying 'it is what happens in a theatre' is no good, because some bugger thought up 'site specific events' and put on plays in any disused warehouse they could find. I usually end up getting confused and deciding that theatre is something to do with 'performing on purpose' for an audience. Hence my attempts to define the dramaturgy of lap-dancing.

Anyhow, this is so happening in theatre, it has got to count...

Back by popular demand, be prepared to be scared on a haunting tour of the Theatre Royal Glasgow. An empty auditorium, a lifeless stage, out of hours, after dark – is your mind playing tricks or have you caught a glimpse of the resident ghost? Theatre Royal Ghost Tours is an atmospheric experience of stories and suggestion that will bring you out in goose-bumps.

As a fan of live art, this probably won't scare me. I've been in plenty of empty auditoriums, and I challenge ghosts to be as scary as Ron Athey. However...

The Theatre Royal has a chequered history. As the building stands it dates from 1895, having replaced earlier theatres built on the site in 1867 and 1888 - both of which were destroyed by fires. In 1969 tragedy struck once more and the building was again engulfed in flames. But who really knows the personal tragedies of the staff, or those performers who simply refuse to accept the curtain, for them, has well and truly fallen?
I bet it is going to be those actors who knew 'dear Larry' and insist on declaiming at the top of their voices: the sort that think Hamlet is the best script ever because nobody can say hello without prefacing it with a poetic description of some geographical location they enjoy. Either that or the back-stage crew who were ignored in life and want some payback...

What’s On Stage: “For thrill seekers, it offers a tense and at times terrifying night of horror and history. For theatre fans, it offers an exclusive opportunity to experience the inner-workings of a grand theatre, visit its most inaccessible corners and enjoy a private tour of a very public place. The result is an unforgettable theatrical experience which both stimulates and scares.”

If you dare...the tours take place immediately after the evening’s performance. Patrons are asked to meet in the foyer where an usher will take you to the Ambassador Lounge for a safety briefing before the tour moves backstage. The tour will last approximately 45 minutes and is strictly for ages 18 and over.



27, 28, 29, 30, 31 October, 9.45pm – after Dangerous Corner

2, 4, 5, 6, 7 November, 10.00pm – after Black Coffee

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 December, 10.30pm – after Top Hat
Tickets: £12 (plus bkg fee)

Box Office: 0844 871 7647 (bkg fee)

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