Thursday, 9 October 2014

Resilience @ Out of the Blue

Resilience, the current Legislative Theatre project of Active Inquiry, is holding a big event at Out of the Blue on Saturday 11th October. 

Everyone is welcome to come and support this unique experiment in participatory policy-making! The event is free and will include theatre, food and music but booking is essential.

Despite my worries, political theatre is clearly becoming a thing in Scotland. The energy of the referendum campaign is carrying over into the fracking aftermath. 

At some point, I'll have to think about 'political performance' and 'the performance of politics'. In the meantime, I can only add my support to this event. Not only is 'resilience' one of my favourite words (it is a quality to which I aspire), but it is free and have the word 'participatory' in its description. I always worry that political theatre is 'show and tell' rather than 'get involved.'
Speaking of Resilience Gavin Crichton, Artistic Director of ACTive INquiry, says: 'We live in difficult economic times. Many community organisations are expected to do more with less resources and have to focus on surviving everyday. How can we enable these organisations to be able to become more resilient and thrive?'

The investigation seems to have started with public engagement - a reversal of the usual theatrical practice of rehearsing quietly until the Big Day comes, and the production is presented for public appraisal. The process is part of the product... the way it is made defines its outcomes (this is always true, but here is a model than breaks the fourth wall before it gets built).

'We live in difficult political times. Although a lot of language focuses on community empowerment and involving communities in decisions that affect them, this is often not seen in communities. How can communities be supported to take more control of their own assets and the decisions that affect them?'

'Over the past year Active Inquiry has been working with community organisations in Edinburgh to carry out research into the above questions. This event on 11th October will see the culmination of this research in the form of a piece of Legislative Theatre.'

'Legislative Theatre originated in South America and enables an audience to use a piece of theatre to propose and vote on new policy and laws. How can Edinburgh Council support communities and community organisations to become more resilient and thrive?'

It must be something to do with Boal and his theatre of the oppressed.

As well as the Legislative Theatre event there will also be food from World Kitchen and performances from local artists and choirs.

 Saturday 11th October 2014
The Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG
Free! (although donations will be appreciated!)

For catering reasons it is essential that people book for this event. 

Alternatively you can email with your name and how many tickets you would like.
A crèche will be provided but booking for this is essential. For more information please contact Gavin on or 07714321629

Active Inquiry enables grassroots communities to make and use excellent theatre as a catalyst to uncover and challenge injustice. For further information visit

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