Monday, 24 March 2014


“Sometimes, nothing is more honest and intimate than a single actor in front of an audience – we have decided to celebrate the best of the form with the Soho Solo Season. From the incredible Bitch Boxer which makes a welcome return, to the raging screams of La Merda, the six week season is set to thrill.”
Steve Marmion, Artistic Director, Soho Theatre.
Since my last look at the Soho season was a dismal failure (lots of faffing about shows I have yet to see, I am hoping to score better with a close-up look at their Soho Solo season. And first up we have... Captain Amazing, a Fringe success about Britain's only part-time superhero.

Using a funny premise as a foundation for a serious meditation on parental responsibility, and exploring the superhero as a motif in contemporary society, it would be right up my street. And I missed it. Luckily, it is also touring to the Traverse.
Wed 16 Apr – Sun 4 May, 7pm (Sat matinees, 2pm)
Soho Upstairs

Next step: La Merda. It is a show about 'a ‘young’, ‘ugly’ and literally naked woman who reveals her bulimic, revolting and intimate yet public secrets,' and inspired by Pasolini's idea of cultural genocide. Of course I have seen it. And it is also coming Scotland, via The Arches' Behaviour Festival.
Tue 15 Apr – Sun 4 May, 8.30pm (Sat matinees, 3.30pm)
Soho Upstairs

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