Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bands, Comics and Toys

Good morning, Glasgow. Recording live from my secret location somewhere in the centre of the city, I wearily poke around in my inbox to make sure that the hipsters of No Mean City can find their daily art hit. Later today I shall be watching a recreation of The Rite of Spring (I have bought a bright red shirt specially as a tribute to the Pina Bausch version) in the CCA - conveniently close to the computer upon which I write these words.
However, that's sold out. So here's a future event in the wonderful CCA.

Unfortunately, I think I have downloaded a thumbnail, and this isn't the best quality image. Fortunately, I had a listen to Monoganon's track earlier. They do sound rather like I would expect a Swedish-Scottish experimental post-rock outfit to sound.
They apparently recorded the album in the CCA, which probably means you can hear me in the background shouting for them to keep the noise down, as I am trying to get the theatre section of The List written next door.
I have spent quite a while looking at this poster and wondering about the relationship between the boy and the ice cream.
Since I am really a theatre writer, I think I ought to hand over the last paragraph to a music expert. Here's Nicola Meighan from a great magazine.
"This introspective, complex collection of psych-folk psalms and alt-pop mantras dedicated to love, and loss and awakening, seeks answers rather than offering them, and it’s all the more poignant, and precious, for it. Inspired by the death of a close relation, Glasgow-via-Malmö singer-songwriter McKenna ponders the meaning, and strength, of relationships and our proximity to those around us, as he explores and draws out the meaning of F A M I L Y ..this is a haunting album that rewards with multiple visitations. Hold it close."

In other news, the mighty Black Hearted Press (purveyors of controversy and humour to the graphic literati) are gearing up for their bi-annual Comics and Toy Fair. Although the complete list of dealers isn't up yet, this is the original and best comic and toy fair in Scotland, and I am sure there will be copies of Laptop Guy available. It's worth going just to get a copy of that. 

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