Friday, 19 July 2013

Bonus Giants Footage: Vile leaving Selkirk

While it lacks the precision of his later films, this brief sequence of footage from Gareth K Vile's Border's Journey already reveals the hallmarks of his mature style. The shaking hand - sometimes seen as a reference to the already unfashionable Blair Witch school of horror - and the lack of definition in the image would be used to stunning effect in his magnum opus. The influence of both Tarkovsky and the dogme directors are equally obvious.

Vile is always about attacking the audience's preconceptions: here, the wobble as he lights upon a notice board describing his location suggests that he is trying to remind himself of where he is, both artistically and literally: that the sign is almost unreadable reflects his meditations on the nature of loss and confusion. Nothing is as it seems.

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