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Manly Dramaturgy: Temper-Mental Theatre @ Edfringe 2017

Presented By Temper-Mental Theatre
Edinburgh Fringe 2017 /14th- 19th August


Are the doors to the important things in your life always locked? Are all the awesome bits just out of reach? 

At the All male, male retreat for menTM Guru Nigel will show you how to grasp the long hard (door)knob to your life. It will be no walk in the park but a race; the race to find out where your knob can take you. Can Temper-Mental find their knobs and re-gain their masculinity?

TEMPER-MENTAL ARE Six averagely good-looking lads bringing the fun back to theatre with original devised comedy. “We want to leave the serious business to everyone else, this is proper fun night out where you can have a beer (or six) and leave with that warm tingly feeling that Chekhov,” says Nalin Dissanayake

theSpace on the Mile:
10:05pm 14th- 19th August 2017
Box Office: 0131 510 2382

Inspiration for our performance
This show is Temper-Mental's first show and it really epitomizes what we are all about. Fun. Throughout our degree at Middlesex University we found ourselves performing in shows that were all incredibly dramatic which just isn't what inspired to get into theatre. 

This is why we formed Temper-mental we want to make the type of theatre we love. Fun and light-hearted we want to make people laugh and Man Up's main objective is to make you laugh. 

After that we want to look at what it means to 'be a
man' nowadays we follow these characters to the 'All Male, Male retreat for men' and this is where they all try to 'Man Up' Our inspiration was in each other, none of us are exactly what you' call 'real men' and we wanted to make fun of that.

How did we become interested in theatre?

Again all of us loved the entertainment you can get from theatre both watching and performing, it really made us want to give people that fun they may not get from some of the shows that look issues in a real dark way. 

We became interested in theatre have discussions through making people laugh.

Approach to the show

We made this show because of our ability to tell
each other when we were and were not funny or making sense. Honesty really helps in our rehearsals and one of the main points for us is to always try everything anyone suggests. 

Even though some ideas may be completely out of no-where we will always give it a try and if its funny and can work, it'll go in the show. 

We have a great dynamic as we are all great mates, and our working relationship is boosted by that. I think you can see that in our work, we are having a great time performing it and had a stupid about of fun creating so hopefully that shows for the audience.

Does it fit other work we have done or will do?

'Man Up' @thespace on the mile is everyone's first chance to see the kind of work we want to carry on making this will be our professional debut and its a perfect representation of us. 

We think our sense of humour is clear in this show and in future shows that humour will follow over. We like to mix our comedy and this show is just the beginning of our experimentation with our humour. 

Audience Experience

We just want people to have fun at the theatre and leave not feeling any pressure to go change the worl but just in a good mood, we want people to drink and laugh and then have a good night after, we want to entertain you. So have a beer or six and come watch temper-mental theatre try and 'Man Up'.

CAST- Chris Adams, Elliott Lewis, James Thorne, Nalin Dissanayake, Dane Clements and James Hart
DESIGN- James Thorne, Nalin Dissanayake
TECHNICAL MANAGER- Nalin Dissanayake

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