Tuesday, 17 November 2015

That thing

You see that thing? No, not that big thing, I mean the little one that I'm supposed to care about? The one that is trending... maybe it is important, maybe it is an issue.

The one that I imagine that the world needs to read my thoughts about? 

You know, that thing.

Yeah, well, it's not a thing at all. It's just another thing that is getting traction, probably because it suits some big company's agenda. It's, like, a marketing virus.

Let's not mistake that thing for an authentic grass-roots interest. It's
the thing that they (and who are they? are they a whole other thing?) want us (and us? aren't we them?) to worry about while the big thing, and maybe even the really big thing, slips past.

They are pretending that this thing is a thing. And the big thing is being talked about - but maybe the thing is taking up your attention. 

Maybe it is your thing, and you think the big thing is about your thing as well.

 But I have my things too, and sure, maybe they are not the big or the biggest thing. And I want to get on with my thing, without worrying about their thing.

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