Sunday, 8 November 2015

Almost made it

Hey, I am nobody's ally. I am a Cixous Feminist, working towards new ways to criticise since 2005. Boiling down words to a pulpy mush, cooking up some new shit from old beats. And yes, this is my playground and words are going to mean exactly what I say they mean round here. 

Okay, I'll define them, then use them. Hopefully, I'll have enough respect fro their context, and wider meaning, that my definitions aren't adrift in my own abstract idealism. 

Just wait until I get into theology. In the meantime, three exhibits to consider. This video may be difficult, even offensive.  

No, I have changed my mind. This was meant to be a discussion about patriarchy and rape culture. I wanted to articulate my position - which is recognition of rape culture but a concern about the use of the word as a short-hand for patriarchal oppression, which can manifest in other forms.

But after looking at YouTube, I'm out.  Read this instead. It is a coherent and rational list. I'm not getting mistaken for a MRA.

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