Sunday, 4 January 2015

Blog Rollin' o' Honour

I am going to keep rolling out the names of people whom I believe belong on a list of honour for 2014. I might finish in 2016...

21. The desk staff at the CCA
The CCA has an open-source programming policy. This means that outside companies can book the space (and explains why there is always plenty of events). This causes immense amounts of work for the staff at reception, yet they are unfailingly cheerful, have a good idea about what is happening and put up with me lurking around and pretending I have a social life. 
They are all also knowledgeable about other things, whether it is film, visual art, curation or underground music. Unheralded champions of alternative art and culture, I salute you.

34. Paul Michael Henry
Did I mention PMH before? He is not only a butoh inspired performer and an inspired Butoh performer, he is setting up a festival which happens around the world, but most importantly, in Glasgow. Last year's two nights were full of... inspiring Butoh. His last performance projected words onto his body, and conjured the obscure tensions between language as a trap, defining us and language as liberation, defining us.

55. Ian Spink
Without wanting to relentlessly praise everyone who was involved in Slope, Spink's presence as choreographer just reminded me that we have one of the choreographic greats living in Glasgow (and frankly, not getting enough attention). Spink worked with Caryl Churchill, updated Petrushka  for Scottish Ballet and was recently seen introducing classical trained dancers to more contemporary moves. I bet I have spelled his name wrong, too.

89. Miaoux Miaoux
It might seem Julian Corrie has been quiet this year - he hasn't been on my radio show, which suggests a lull in activity. However, he turned up in a band playing guitar (unexpected), did remixes and installed the sound part of Rachel Maclean's Generations exhibition. 

144. Rachel Maclean
Just so I can print this image, really. Although she had an amazing year. Again.

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