Thursday, 25 September 2014

Amlet Avin It (with Mad Cyril)

credit: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan
Ear's the fin baht Amlet: ee wants a good slap. Carryin on like a geeza, only ee ain't got the stones. Spends arf is time bawlin baht is old man, bottles it when is uncle is dahn on is knees, finally poncin abaht wiv a rapier when it's time fer a shoota. All that actin mishuga, then ee carn't even take dahn a daddy's boy.

Dominic Ill's gotta line on the boy: as im givin it the large one when it's the sorts, but not so much wiv the gaffa. Brian Ferguson's a great comic actor, ain't to see is prince is a joke, but he is joker. Somefin's rotten in Denmark, an this nancy ain't helpin'.

Reckon it's a Glasgow fin, but this Elsinore's a ruff old joint. From the way er old man grapples er, I bet Ophelia's first name's Pete. Nasty business goin on there, this old Leslie Philips double avin a feel of er tits and ass. Then Amlet decides ee wants some - bad enuff he turns up avin a wank in er closet ('his doublet all unbraced,No hat upon his head, his stockings fouled': right.) but then ee jumps er and afta that, I ain't givin this character no face-time.
Credit: Tim_Morozzo

It's pretty clear that Claudius is the ero in this one. Ee's a stand-up guy - did a bit of mischief on his bruver, pumped his wife, but that's ow it goes sometimes. Peter Guinness looks well tasty in his whistle, and that shaved ead earns its respect.

Oi, oi saveloy! Am I Avin It?

I Am Avin It Cuntry Style.

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