Saturday, 25 May 2013

Eric and Vile - an old public disagreement...

GKV: I missed the acrobats. I just thought that the lights had gone on for a break, and that Amanda Palmer was just the intermission music.

EK: Hehhe... that was Dizzy Godiva & Wicked McElders - they were quite funny! Mixing comedy with actual acrobatics- mainly lifts - seemed to work for them. The audience was certainly entertained. As it was a mixed-sex couple, it would seem traditional for the man to do all the lifts, but they demonstrated that you don't need to be a man to lift another person.

OY! Come back! Burlesque dancing with Nick Cave as accompanying music ought not to distract you, Vile!

Wow, red undergarments! I am quite intrigued now...And the layers keep coming off, to reveal gold-sequin undergarments. Very sophisticated, Vile.

GKV: Is this where we have a big massive argument about the aesthetics of burlesque? Actually, can you tell me more about Godiva and McElders. By a mixed sex couple do you mean a man and a woman? And who was doing the lifting?

EK: Sure, change the subject... But I think you're right; this is not the place or time to have that argument.

And yes, mixed sex couple was meant to indicate a man and a woman, because otherwise it felt too wordy. There goes that idea. Anyhow, she lifted him twice - he pretended not to be able to lift her at all, in this 'who is stronger' competition.

This sounds a lot like the BRB track for Subcity, doesn't it?

GKV: Yes. So acrobatics - good or bad?

EK: They were good! Really funny, and engaging. They weren't even on the stage, so their act had the immediacy of street performing in it, without the part where everyone fucks off to avoid paying.

Now what?

A woman screaming, ominous music, shadows moving about... what's going on?!

From here, it looks like one of the aliens from the Arches' basement has escaped. Yet I can't see...

Vile? Vile!

GKV: It's Calum MacAskill. I've been waiting to see this routine for  a while. He's acting out a dark ice demon fantasy, all puppetry, projection and physical potency.

I do worry about these live blogs. I hope we aren't trivialising the performances. Or not giving them enough attention. Or being too busy playing the critical clowns to drop back  into some serious moments of hardcore review action...

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