Tuesday, 12 March 2013

THE SILENCE BETWEEN: a series of new exhibitions concerning sound

Inline image 1What's Good: A gallery invites artists to make sound art to occupy the space during exhibitions. This one is called Carpet, a smart name for something designed to be unobtrusive. It's by Rie Nakajima at the Paul Stolper Gallery.

What's it got? Found objects, sound and kinetic movement. 

Where's the beef? Nakajima says “The sound will be raw and discreet. The title represents the covering of the floor and the space between the floor and feet but also expresses both comfort and discomfort and the involving of other senses such as touch and smell. The piece will have sound and also no sound.”

Raw sound - yep, got it. Discreet? Makes sense. Sound as a carpet metaphor: cool. Last sentence? Meaningless. But I never let the language put me off: if artists were writers, they would not make art. They'd be critics. 

Rie Nakajima is an artist based in London. She studied art history and aesthetics at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (BA), sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and Design (BA) and Slade School of Fine art (MFA). Her work develops as sculptural questions which take form in time and space through the experience of individuals. The mediums she chooses are mostly sounds, audio materials, kinetics, instruments, toys, found/domestic objects, architectural elements, and the environments, which are most often composed in direct response to the situation during the process.

Carpet is on display from Monday 18 March to Thursday 21 March at Paul Stolper Gallery.

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