Wednesday, 13 March 2013

News from A Band Called Quinn and an on-line Label

There's a risk that my blog could become a series of puff pieces for bands, companies and artists who can be bothered to send a press release to my inbox - there is no guarantee that I won't add a few sardonic comments, but there has to be more to writing than repeating the honed phrases of the press agent. I am trying to build a vision of the arts in Scotland here: failing that, I'd like it to reflect my tastes at the least...

A Band Called Quinn are, fortunately, Vile Arts material. Sure, their latest venture isn't the multi-platform jamboree that they've been chasing lately, but ABCQ know enough about theatricality to make a gig a little more than predictable. They have teamed up with Threads of Sound, an on-line record label, to make this gig a special one that is going to be recorded and released.

Threads of Sound are an interesting label: they are not for profit and have a collection of live albums in their catalogue. And Louise Quinn got called a good singer once by Madonna.

There is quite a bit  more to ABCQ than a comment by Madonna. They were the best bit in Vanishing Point's  Beggar's Opera and although their sound is clearly in a post-punk lineage, there are some smart lyrics giving them a darker edge...

What? Live recorded & filmed performance by A Band Called Quinn supported by Suspire.
When? 4th April 2013. Doors 7pm.
Where? Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow, G2 5AR
How Much? £5

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