Friday, 8 March 2013

Jeff Leach or someone

I don't even know who Jeff Leach is. I don't like Comic Relief, conceptually, since it emphasises the goodwill of celebrities as being the appropriate vehicle for charity. And I am pretty sure that Jessie J is that one who sang the anti-materialistic song with the materialistic video. So, I am reluctant to blog this.

If I don't, however, I might feel like one of those people who sits on the sidelines and carps without doing anything positive. What do they call them?

So, here's the message I got from Jeff Leach this morning.

A personal plea from JEFF LEACH...

Hello friends and thanks for having a read of this. I never normally ask fo your help however this year I have been given a special task by COMIC RELIEF and JESSIE J as part of her 'Jessie J Dares' fun-raising effort!

I have JUST 24HRS to get a crowd of fun, lively and borderline insane people together to help me perform a huge COMIC RELIEF HA-HA-HARLEM SHAKE tomorrow morning.

Time: 10:00AM

The Comic Relief Camera Crew will be on hand to film this for their website and TV and BBC London are also coming down to cover the event. All I need now are some fun individuals to come dance like a lunatic with me tomorrow morning.
If you can make it please please please RSVP so I know you're coming and please tell as many friends about this as possible using twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube, BBM, text, email and carrier pigeon.
Also be sure to DONATE to COMIC RELIEF over at
or TEXT 'DARE' to 70011
(Text costs £1 + standard network rate, T&Cs apply
Thank you so much and see you tomorrow morning,
Jeff x
Can't leave it without one insult. Is this supposed to be funny, Jeff? And, if you are going to do a "personal appeal," at least try and make it look less like a press release. And hey - that crack about "borderline insane" people? Not funny. You meant to say "zany," I guess. But there's a hell of a difference between mental illness and being a bit whacky on a Saturday night. 

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