Monday, 1 February 2016

He's not a Men's Rights Activist, he's a predator...

Okay, I am angry. I hadn't heard of Roosh V (cool name, bro') until he became a thing on my Facebook feed. 

Apparently, RooshV has called for a big load of his fans to have a big load of meanings around the world, including in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

Roosh V is a blogger. One of his blogs is Return of Kings. You might remember it as the one lots of people laughed at because it claimed Mad Max  was a feminist movie.

Roosh V has a great many ideas about the roles of men and women. He has said that rape on private property ought not to be illegal. This is not an idea that I respect. 

Roosh is part of the manosphere. That's the part of the internet where various Cowboy Beebops discuss how feminism is ruining everything and that men ought to be men. 

People are calling Roosh V a Men's Right Activist. I regard MRAs as lacking subtle intelligence, weak debating skills and a sense of entitlement based on their possession of a willy. I am not keen on them.

I don't regard Roosh as an MRA, though. I prefer the term predator. Reading one of his fan's report on Glasgow, I thought that it had more in common with something a paedophile might write - pointing out vulnerabilities, good locations for predation - than the confused political routines of the MRAs.

Roosh and his followers are keen on claiming their status as Alpha Males. Alphas, and betas, and omegas, were used in the study of wolves and primates and animals to explore social hierarchy. 

I don't read Roosh as an alpha male, although I'm happy to think of him as a chimp, throwing faeces. Obviously, his followers are, by definition, not alpha males, however many women they seduce, because alpha males are supposed to be leaders. 

Roosh is not an alpha, because the idea of human alpha males is pseudo-science bullshit, applying a hierarchical analysis to an entire species without any real scientific control or thought. It shares a cosy intellectual dustbin with eugenics, another example of the misapplication of the theory of Darwinian natural selection.

Oh yeah. And the research on alpha wolves turned out to be... misguided


  1. Very interesting the strong response on facebook. In my mind this guy is not a men's right's activitist and standing up for men's right he promotes hate! I do believe people should stand up to those you try to oppress people's right but this guy in the other extreme. I hope feminist nazis, using similar tactics one day will also get the same treatment when their beliefs are full of lies and man hating/oppressing men's right's not about equality, with no double standards here, and eveyone listens to people not about attention seeking self indulgent behaviours!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I believe in absolute freedom of speech, and the appropriate domain for addressing opinions - even those opinions I find obnoxious, such as racism - is discussion rather than censorship.