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Hoosewife Dramaturgy: Alyson Orr on A Wee Wedding

Wee Fat Glesga Wedding -- Our Biggest Smash since ‘Mrs Brown’ is back and it’s better than ever!

Yes, The Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga are back on stage this February with a revival of the sell-out sequel to the hit show that’s become ‘Theatre Legend’ (Evening Times) and is ‘Box Office Gold’ (Herald)!!

What part do you play in Wee Glasgae…?
Alyson Orr: I play the part of Barbara. She is from Bearsden and has ideas above her station. She thinks she is a cut above but it's all show and looks down on the other girls. She sees herself as the leader of the group.

You've been in quite a few productions at the Pavilion: do you think the theatre shows have a particular shared quality or flavour?
I have performed at the Pavilion for over 20 years and it's been a great experience. The audiences are truly unique - they're not afraid to enjoy themselves and really get involved in the shows. 

They are very much a Glasgow audience and I imagine they may be similar to the audiences when variety was king, say 40 or 50 years ago. People are there to have fun and be entertained - to forget real life for a few hours and to laugh,sing and dance if the mood takes them!

How did you prepare for the role?

I love Julie Walters and I think this is a part she would play really well so I imagine what she would do with it and that gets me started. I worry if she saw the show, she might say 'find your own performance!!"  I've given Barbara some specific mannerisms as she clearly thinks she still has it going on, despite being a bit older than some of the other characters. She thinks she's a real lady so I try and reflect that in how she holds herself. 

What reactions are you expecting from the audience?
I think they will love this! Lots of outrageous laughter, singing along with us and a bit of audience participation. I also think they will be absorbed in the story, as it's a piece about friendship and there are many groups of women who come to see it, who can relate to the characters.

Do I need to see the first one to understand what will happen this time?
No, this is stand alone show and some of the plot from the Real Hoosewives is explained in the sequel. The characters are well defined so you can get to know them in this show even if you haven't see the first.

Part Two picks up where the original left off, with the girls having chosen friendship over fame. No longer the toast of the telly, the Hoosewives are having a party to celebrate Donna Marie’s impending nuptials. 

No sooner have they downed their first Bacardi Breezers when the trouble starts, in the form of the villainous Carmela DuPont who made the girls household names in the first place – but at the expense of their friendship…

Will the Hoosewives succumb to the lure of fame and fortune?
Will Carmela succeed in tearing the girls apart ... again?
Will Donna Marie manage to get her man up the aisle?

All will be revealed in the show that’s been called “A Giant Hen Party with 1500 Women Having An Incredible Time” (Herald), “A Laugh A Minute Hoot” (The Reviews Hub), and ‘Outrageous!’ (Daily Record).

Starring Pavilion favourites Nicola Park, Alyson Orr, Sandra McNeeley, Michele Gallagher, Laura Szalecki, Nicola Auld, and Tyler Collins.  

Featuring the hits, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Dance Yourself Dizzy”, “Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad”, “9 to 5” and many more.

Don’t miss Wee Fat Glesga Wedding at the Pavilion Theatre from 3rd - 13th February 2016.

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