Monday, 5 January 2015

the vile arts radio hour SpinOza gets busy....

The Vile Arts (black text on white).DJ SpinOza has always been a maverick presence in the Vile Arts: unlike the rest of the team, he never speaks, and can operate machinery. With big plans in the pipeline for the Radio Hour, SpinOza took control of this week's show, matching random beats with fragments of a lecture by Foucault. 

SpinOza's attempt to use a funky commercial house beat as a leitmotif dominates two thirds of the show, fading in and out between songs by Dan Lyth, Flying Lotus and, of course, the wonderful Kemadrin. Rather than building a set that follows a lineal narrative, he slips between moods and throws in snatches of Kemadrin to rescue him from the less interesting tracks. The sudden appearance of Kate Tempest and Shonen Knife are intrusions of more 'pop' elements, and the set climaxes with full on commercial techno from some outfit no-one at The Vile Arts knows.

the vile arts radio hour


I Belong to You
Caro EmeraldDramatico
Forgiveness Step 1
MartynNinja Tune
Voice of the Bird
Reteo Sound MachineSound Way
Over Light Earth
Daniel BjarnasonBedroom Community
Posted by Anonymous
Shilpa RayWhite Label
Card Trick
Red SnapperLo
This Time in November
Dan LythArmellodie
KemadrinWhite Label
The Truth
Kate TempestBig Dada
Young FathersAnt
KemadrinUnclassed Media
About that Time
Flying LotusWhite Label
Robots from Hell
Shonen KnifeDamnably
SerocellWhite Label
Illium SphereNinja Tune
T'aint No Sin
Daniel BjarnasonBedroom Community
Desert Night
Golden Calf
Occupy Your Mind
Flute Dance

Caro Emerald
Polished cabaret music that deservedly gets bumped before the second chorus.
Relatively enjoyable ambient introduction to his album that is a relief after the poptastic beginning.
Daniel Bjarnason
Intriguing neo-classical music, probably from Scandinavia.
Dan Lyth
Pastoral and rather like Perfumed Genius (according to Lorna Irvine...)
Red Snapper
A return, but not to form, from the formerly jazzy club band.
Kate Tempest 
Doing her best impersonation of Lily or Kate N. Not hip hop in my opinion. Discuss.
Young Fathers
I liked them when I saw them live, but this is insipid and full of easy couplets. It's all a bit 1980s, but people love them, don't they?
Flying Lotus
Responsible for some of the most tedious DJ sets of all time, FL hits the target on his own tracks. Gets a bit 8 track.
Shonen Knife
A bit of a refreshment for the palate before...
The Villagers
It deserved no more than a wee tinkle. 
Illium Sphere
More dark electronica... a little bit generic but filled with intriguing noises. Doldrums give it some beats.
Commercial techno, does what it is meant to. I suppose.
A post set whisper.
Kemadrin and Serocell
The best bits that litter the session. Noise given content. 

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