Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Get a Wee Room

Just a quick bit of churnalism before I get back to the Big Ideas....

Sunday 4th May
8pm - 2am
Tickets £7.50 available from the Brunswick Hotel.

Get A Room returns to the Brunswick Hotel with a micro-sized version of their usual multi-room, hotel takeover event.
I always enjoy these: they hand the hotel over to artists, who 'get a room' and do stuff in it. I saw the mighty Iona Kewney do her thing her one time. It was the BEST THING EVER. Artists use the intimacy of the space to create a really exciting, vibrant event.

THE DANCETERIA PENTHOUSE promises new-wave antics / disco breakdown / post-minimal glitz / downtown drag / 50's muscle kings PLUS additional ASSHOLES.

Not sure I need any more assholes in my life, but...

Drag hosts from the Perfect Boyfriends, 1950's muscle posing, visuals by Jamie Wardup, bespoke dressing and faux Glamour, Installation by Bullet Beard, DJ Hush (Maxi Dance Pool) plus Alter e-Girl will perform a lip synch piece accompanied by music and drag video art by PEARL NECKLACE (Subcity Radio).

DJ Hush is a frequent guest on the Radio Hour. He knows where it is at.

At 10.55 all patrons will be invited to CONGO from the top of the hotel to the club entertainments in the Basement!

I shall give that a miss. Far too sociable. 

Basura Blanco Basement

SHOOT YOUR SHOT Nite Club.  Pumping 80's disco from the neon imagination of the Shoot Your Shot crew, led by SYS resident EAN (Void, Intergalatic FM) and guest MWX (Maxi Dance pool).   Visuals installations created by Diane Edwards and Maurice Andersen with special live performances from Atom Tree and Machines In Heaven.

Once more all monies raised from the ticket sales of the event will go towards funding the Thee Mr Mister Trust, a registered Scottish charity founded by family and friends of Paul Nicholls, who passed away from terminal cancer on 29th August 2010, aged 27 years.

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