Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tonight's show....

FACE FRONT! Here's a whole kaboodle of news and gossip from the VileArts Bullpen straight to your heart!

BIG NEWS! Fan favourites Black Hearted Press, that ever-lovable trio of monarchists, are launching their latest Carnivorous Comic tonight. Jocular John Farman will be talking about Royal Descent  to a captivated CCA Crowd, and anything else that captures his fancy.

Everybody's favourite guessing game these days is the identity of the man behind the face balefully staring out from the first floor of the CCA. Worry no more true believers, that white face of wry wit has been revealed as LAPTOP GUY. Smilin' Sha Nazir's alter-ego has been beautifully rendered into 3D and is available to hire out on an hourly basis. Ideal for cosplay and weird relationship games, the rumour is that this mask is the first in a new range of BHP adult accessories.

Did you know that the third member of BHP's top level cabal, MARK BOYLE, is actually a superhero in real life. Well, he has a secret identity which is being revealed for the first time in the BULLPEN BULLETIN. He is, in fact, DJ Muppet, the veteran Saturday night disc-spinner at Glasgow's legendary Cathouse. Other rock DJS are also available.

Press Launch Royal Descent
Wednesday 6 Nov, 7pm – 9pm
Saramago Terrace Bar, The CCA: Glasgow
Royal Descent
24 page book, over 8 issues
Writer: John Farman Artist: John Howard
Black Hearted Press present their 12th title.  After being found to be complicit in the greatest catastrophe in British history, the Royal Family face the ultimate punishment at the hands of an angry and vengeful nation. Cast onto a desolate island, with an audience at home watching their every move, it’s kill or be killed. Who will survive… the Royal Descent.
Copies will be available to buy and review, followed by a short talk by the creator.

Before my medication wears off, I want to give a big thank you to the broadsheet newspapers. In the past day alone, I have learn that 'now is the time of the graphic novel' through a top fifty list that included works I have never heard about before: Persepolis, The Watchmen and V for Vendetta. I have learnt that burlesque is all about the art of the tease, and it isn't about undressing at all!

Of course, it isn't all about opinion pieces - The Independent has a provoking article that explores whether the FEMEN protests are compromised by the presence of a rather seedy man acting as a creative director to their protests, and the various arguments about Syria have been clarified by the amount of pieces that have been shared on Facebook.

I am very aware that Facebook is there for people to put up whatever has excited them and I do get a great deal of information from clicking on links that people set as their statuses. In fact, I can even tolerate the few people who over-share - easy to ignore and balanced out by the vast number of friends who are sharing something of interest.

It appears, however, that the death of newspapers (something to do with the sword of the internet, just like the last time, when they thought the machine gun of the TV was threatening) is coming closer to reality.

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