Saturday, 17 November 2012

Traverse Dance Week: Who is Who?

Company: SMITHdancetheatre 
Show: Agnes & Walter: a little love story
20 November / 7.30pm

What is it? A delightful reowrking of the Walter Mitty story, and proof that dance theatre, despite its fearsome associations with Pina Bausch and very serious subjects, can be charming and playful.

Who might like it? Romantics and anyone who believes that day-dreams are more than just idle fantasies.

Company: Citymoves Dance Agency & Aberdeen Performing Arts
Show: 12 Dancers /Deliberance
21 November / 7.30pm

What is it? Andy Howitt gets together with 12 male dancers for an exploration of how justice can be served by the will of the people.
Who might like it? Enthusiasts of male dance - Howitt's a tough choreographer and will take few prisoners - and lawyers wanting to understand how the jury really works.

Company: Red Note Ensemble
Show: The Intoxicating Rose Garden
22 November / 7.30pm

What is it? A new hybrid piece of music, song, dance and animated image inspired by poems by Hafez, the 14th century Persian mystic.

Who might like it? Spiritual lovers of sensuality - Hafez is one of those Sufi poets - and erudite musical cognoscenti.

Company: Greg Sinclair and macrobert
Show: Sonata For A Man and A Boy
Created by Greg Sinclair, Michael Sherin and Karen Tennent

23 November / 7pm & 24 November / 2.30pm

What is it? An everyday cello lesson becomes a journey into the unexpected for a boy who’s nearly twelve and a thirty-something man.
Who might like it? Fans of melancholic music and intergenerational drama.

Company: Smallpetitklein Dance Company
Show: Within This Dust

23 November / 7.30pm

What is it? A stunning blend of beautiful movement and subtle storytelling. 3 live works with dance, film and animation explore the events surrounding 9/11.
Who might like it? Fans of politics and those who wish to see the truth behind the art.

Company: Breakin' Convention
Show: Open Art Surgery - Experiments in Hip Hop Theatre
Hosted by Jonzi D

24 November / 7.30pm

What is it? Breakin' meets experimental dance.
Who might like it? B-boys and hipsters.

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