Wednesday, 8 August 2012

He's not really a Nasty...

-Where to, mate?
-Summerhall, and make it snappy.
-What you doing up there? You got a show on?
-Well, sort of. I am performing later in the month, but that's a secret. Actually, I'm a critic.
-What's that?
-I write about shows.
-What, the star ratings?
-Hmm, there's a bit more to it than that...
-Tell you who you ought to  go and see. That Frank Sanazi.
-Yes, I interviewed him the other day...
-You know, I like what he is doing. That political correctness has gone too far. He's a real comedian, like Jim Davidson. And he can sing just like Sinatra, too.
-You know, I don't think he's about that. He is parodying the way that comedy has chased taboos, and taking it to it logical resolution.
-I love Frank, all those tunes: My Way, Come Fly With Me. And Sanazi gives them a special twist.
-He told me that he was interested in mocking fascism, really.
-Yes, but he's showing them what it's all about. Laugh at anything. And I bet the German tourists hate it!
-As it goes, they love him in Berlin. They recognise how he connects to the spirit of Weimar Cabaret without just aping its aesthetic.
-New show looks good, it's got the sexy ladies, too. Bet he loves all that, the burlesque.
-I think you ought to be careful there. The last act deconstructs notions of glamour in a very... excremental.. manner.
-You saying he's shit, mate?
-No, it's just that it is easy to mistake the shocking for the ignorant. It's amazing to me how many stand ups do things that are obnoxious while claiming nothing is forbidden to laugh at. Sanazi has a point I fear you are missing.
-Yeah, and you are just using me as a stereotypical taxi driver to make your pseudo-intellectual point, aren't you? That's five pounds, chum, and try and see some work that isn't avant-garde this year. All your blog readers know it's just pretend and that you'd rather be watching sketch comedy.
Voodoo Room, 2 -12 August 2012

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