Monday, 18 June 2012

Full of Grace

Eva O'Connor and Sophie Fuller make up Sunday's Child. After a success last year at the Fringe with My Best Friend Drowned in a Swimming Pool, they are returning to Edinburgh with O'Connor's new play, Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I am. Inspired by a quotation from Sylvia Plath, and following four young people as they party harder, it marks the third collaboration between the duo. 

Can you explain why you are called Sunday’s Child?
Sunday’s Child started with Eva hitching a lift on the back of Sophie’s bike on the way to a University dance class. We both auditioned for the Uni dance team and (we still aren’t over the disappointment!) neither of us made the cut. I suppose we bonded over the disappointment and decided that we would never let anyone tell us we weren’t good enough. Eva had started doing her own thing theatrically, under the name Sunday’s Child and she asked Soph to be involved in a director role and things just spirally into this. And now three years later, three shows later, we are a company, our own little creative entity. And we really believe in doing our own thing,  Because if you are using your own initiative and are convicted and passionate then you’ll never wait around for others to validate your dreams. You’ll just get out there and do it.  

What will make Kiss Me stand out this year?
This year’s show is definitely our most daring and complex show to date. (It deals with mental health issues in a very frank way) but also very genuine. The show is about being young, and coming of age, and I think that’s a tough enough topic to tackle without being clichéd. So our aim is to have really raw, genuine performances.

It’s going to be exploratory and experimental with a strong emphasis on dance and physicality. We really want to use this fringe to push boundaries of our creative ideas. This is our third time at the fringe and we have learnt so much from our previous runs. Last year our show was My Best Friend Drowned in a Swimming Pool, which we went on to tour. Its amazing what you learn from having your best friend drown on stage 26 nights in a row!
I think every year you get a little braver and bolder until you think hang on, we can do whatever we want here. And there is something both brilliant and a bit frightening about that realisation.  

How did this piece evolve into a performance? where do you start?
We began with a blank slate as always. Eva writes the script, and then Sophie brings it to life. This piece deals with mental health issues, and how people all fight for the lime light in their own individual, strange ways. We aim to pose awkward questions and tackle controversial issues without reservation, or preconceived ideas about what we should be doing. It’s exhausting at times but at the end it feels like the piece just made itself. This year’s play is named after a quote by Sylvia Plath ‘kiss me and you’ll see how important I am’. We were thinking about her death, and how Ted Hughes might be to blame. Then we started dancing.

This year Eva was studying in Berlin and Sophie was working in London, so initially we thought a new show wouldn’t be feasible. But regardless of geographical impracticalities we can’t escape from theatre!

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