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VERSECORE music poetry gig

4th May 2012 at The Third Door

Outlaws in the badlands ‘twixt poetry and music…

Doors 8.00pm, Music starts at 8.30pm, £5/£4 concessions

VERSECORE is a seminal night of music and poetry bands that will change the way you think about both genres.

Three bands team up to bring you music and poetry like you’ve never heard before – Zorras make poetry-music-video-weirdness fusion. With megaphones. Church of When the Shit Hits the Fan features poetry and beats from outer space, mind-bending hip hop for the next millennium and Opul is poetronica to break the heart and reconstruct the soul.

Come experience three bands that are combining poetry and music in new ways, and using projections, film and technology to expand the impact of their creative expression.  A rare platform focusing solely on bands that have collaboration and innovation at their core. 

Okay, so I didn't actually write that. I think a press officer did. having said that, I have had these outfits on the show - in the case of Zorras, I managed to injure one of them live on air - and I am pretty interested in what they are getting up to. In fact, I am kind of annoyed that this event isn't happening in Glasgow. 

Writer Sandra Alland and musician Y Josephine formed Zorras in 2007, and have not stopped creating, publishing and performing since. Zorras have become known internationally for their unique bilingual mixture of text, sound poetry, percussion, singing, guitar, megaphones and projected images. Recent highlights include a Canadian tour, Berlin, Liverpool, Aberdeen and Las Palmas.

Zorras inject passion and humour into both personal experiences and cutting observations of our troubling times. They have a talent for surprising people (pleasantly), and for challenging preconceptions about performance poetry and intermedia art. From The Edinburgh International Book Festival and University of Toronto, to counterculture German film festivals and your favourite London squat, audiences have yet to throw a tomato. Phew. 

“A medley of poetry, music, video, megaphones  and drumming that would put Sheila E to shame.”
Jane Czyzselska, Diva Magazine

Just to add a wee note here: Zorras have got a new EP coming out this Friday

"COWTSHTF are a power duo comprising of HQ and AA. HQ is an award-winning slam poet and commissioned playwright and AA is a massively in demand hip-hop/electro producer. Together they create dense slabs of cartoon apocalypse rap and have performed live on Radio 1 and T in the Park and created a Lovecraftian clown theatre show for the Edinburgh Fringe 2011, Hydronomicon"

BEATS: Asthmatic Astronaut
VOCALS: Harlequinade

"Perfectly gathers super illmatic poetry on monstrous glitches and blasting beats. We send over a trillion thumbs up for all three tracks... a clever melt-down version of 21st century hip-hop battery Antipop Consortium and the sophisticated spoken-words by Saul Williams."

Opul is music by James Iremonger and poetry by JL Williams.  Opul is poetronica.  Opul is all the stars in the universe opening their mouths and making a sound. Opul’s music is composed, produced and played by Iremonger and comes to the audience live via laptop and electric guitar.  Williams’ poetry is read live and amplified/effected by Iremonger during performance.  EP Provocateur out on Black Lantern Music.

"The apocalypse starts early with Opul, a collaboration between poet JL Williams and composer James Iremonger, who blasts out a laptop-sourced blend of industrial beats and impressionistic piano sketches to frame Williams' words."
Neil Cooper, The List

Box office: 0131 225 6313

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