Monday, 30 April 2012

Back and Balding

Having spent two weeks inside Edinburgh's Dance Base (collaborating with Ultimate Dancer on the world's first ever Live Art/Criticism/Choreography mash up performance - details to follow), I have had little time for my usual casual engagement with Glasgow's art scene. Of course, as soon as I nip out for a moment, they put on a massive international celebration of visual arts.

I am hoping to catch up with the bouncy castle down on Glasgow Green soon enough, but I am only really aware of the various events and exhibitions being put on by the ever wonderful Mutual. And that's only because I did a seven hour live radio show with them last Sunday.

But this is a quick warning: I am back in town, and I have a new haircut. It was done by children. I am probably more likely than ever to throw childish tantrums: not because I saw some bad art, but because, already, two days back, and I am already wondering at how much I am missing...

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