Monday, 12 March 2012

A Cheeky Peek

I have always been enthusiastic about the vision of Cryptic, and not just because they let me do the odd post-show discussion. They emerged from Glasgow in 1994, around the time that Tramway's championing of international theatre encouraged the native companies to get experimental. Artistic director Cathie Boyd is passionate about theatre that won't fall into categories: over the past six months, Cryptic have been supporting artists who won't settle into the easily defined.

Rory Middleton, creator of The View, is March's Cryptic Night: a journey through Cove Park that stars live music (from the drummer out of The Phantom Band), modernist architecture, a spot of cinema and the magic of nature.

Unusually for a Cryptic Night, this one does not happen in the CCA. The buses leave from there, but the outdoor installation is over in Argyll and Bute. Cove Park is a beautiful location - best known as a venue for artist retreats - while Middleton is one of Glasgow School of Art's graduates who is becoming known across Europe and into the USA. Teaming up with Iain Stewart - no mean performer himself - he is guiding the audience around "a curious adventure through the stunning natural landscape over looking Loch Long."

29 & 30 March // performance begins 19.30 (bus departs CCA, Glasgow at 18.15)                
Refreshments included. Wet weather clothing and sensible footwear is essential.

The View was originally developed and located in the forest at the Banff Centre, Canada. Built from timber, the piece was an architectural structure, which measured 8x8x18feet and created a frame in which the observer could view a particular area of the woods.

‘While conceiving the idea I visited the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, designed by the internationally celebrated architect Arthur Erikson.  I was moved by his building and on further research of his work I found some footage of him in later life talking about the view. The serendipity was such that I decided to include an extract of the audio.’   Rory Middleton

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