Friday, 6 April 2018

My Methodology

I have been calling my methodology 'radical subjectivity' for years now. That's partially because I like to show off that I know what 'radical' means (it comes from the word for 'root' in Latin and isn't just another word for 'extreme'), but mostly because I reject even the possibility of 'objectivity'. Only God has objectivity, and other critics' beliefs about themselves notwithstanding, a review of Macbeth is not holy scripture.

Subjectivity is my excuse for the ramshackle, incomplete, uncertain and questioning products that emerge from my process. I am all about post-modernism, the rejection of the single narrative or interpretation. Once it becomes impossible to cover all the bases, it seems best to admit it. It's one reason why I claim to enjoy the plethora of competing voices in criticism. Sure, most criticism is crap, but at least it disagrees with me.

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