Tuesday, 18 April 2017

David Leddy is Spider-Man

So, it's one of those things that comic fans say to justify the bulging collection of superhero trade paperbacks that are weighing down the shelves... the superhero is a contemporary mythology and they have the same kind of status that the old Greek legends used to have... a familiar set of narratives in which ideas can be explored, a series of symbols freighted with meaning, embedded in the popular consciousness...

I have many things to say about David Leddy's Coriolanus Vanishes, but most of them can wait until after I have submitted my review to The List. But the one scene that I can't resist...

Leddy's protagonist Chris recites justifications for his abominable profession beneath a Spider-Man duvet (a rare splash of vivid colour in a show that revels in lighting and austere shades).

And what is Spider-Man's catchphrase? With great power, comes great responsibility.

And what is Chris doing beneath the duvet? He's absolving himself of responsibility. 

I'd just like to thank David Leddy for knowing his comics and using Spider-Man as an ironic symbol of heroic integrity. 


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