Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Elfie's Magical Dramaturgy: Liam Dolan @ The Pavilion

Christmas is on the way quicker than you know and I can’t wait! This year is my first Pavilion Pantomime & I am SO excited to be in it.
I’m playing Elfie & we've got a magical adventure that you’re going to absolutely love!! The cast are fantastic, made up of old pals and new ones & I’m really looking forward to spending Christmas with them in Glasgow.

I know that you've had a successful number of years out at Kilmarnock - what attracted you to the Pavilion this year?

I’ve been in Kilmarnock for 12 years. This year I was offered the chance to appear in the Pavilion in a brand new production of  Elfie’s Magical Adventures - I have always been a fan of the Pavilion Theatre & Doing Panto there was one of my lifetime ambitions so I jumped at the chance.

How are you feeling about being an Elf this year?

I love it, It’s so much fun creating a magical Christmas character

You clearly love panto time- what is it that draws you back to it every year?

It’s the best time of year for me as a Performer, It’s a family tradition that everyone loves & for some kids Panto is their first ever Theatre Experience and it’s fantastic to be part of that.

How well does it fit with your other work - which is very diverse, but does have a strand of work for younger audiences?

It fits in very well, I sometimes have to re-schedule things as the
Panto is a priority and it takes up a lot of time with two shows a day, six days a week

Is there anything about the Pavilion pantomime that has surprised you?

No, I have seen the Pavilion Pantomime every year so I knew what to expect, I have also worked at the Pavilion on other projects so I knew how beautiful the building was and how fantastic the audiences were.

Is Craig Glover as much fun off stage as on?

Craig and I are great friends outside of work - we have an absolute ball on and off stage so the chemistry you see onstage is genuine.

Why do you think panto keeps its place in the programme? I mean, it must be the oldest popular form still drawing in audiences…

Pantomime is a British Institution, It is part of peoples festive activities and going to the panto has been passed down from generation to generation.

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