Friday, 28 October 2016

Figs in Wigs @ CCA

Much to my shame - especially since they actually talked about it with me a few hours before the performance - I didn't actually recognise that their boy-band parody/tribute is The Backstreet Boys. Not because it is a bad tribute, but because I was probably too busy listening to Japanese psyche or something when The Backstreet Boys were famous.

Sometimes, performance art is an obscure genre, but I have always thought that it can be accessible. I'm not sure calling Figs in Wigs 'performance art' does justice to their wit and love of popular culture. I mean, they do take on Big Ideas (Often Onstage is a series of scenes that explore how performance is always happening, on and off stage), but they also have a sense of fun that wouldn't be out of place in a light entertainment show on the BBC. 

Not that I'm saying that they lack depth... more that they embody the potential of smart theatre in a popular format.

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