Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Connecting Dramaturgy IV:Fife Youth Arts

Connections is the National Theatre’s annual festival of new plays for youth theatres and schools. 


What was the inspiration for this performance?
The inspiration for this performance was to show the different social circles from within society and explore how they communicate with each other. Then we would break down each group to its raw essentials and show how similar they really are and how they can actually mix with each other.

How did you go about gathering the team for it?
The It's Snows production team, Talent Academy Balwearie, was gathered from an S6 performance class. We are the core running and management behind the project. The cast was then found by approaching all high schools around Kirkcaldy and also local drama groups. By holding meet and greet sessions as well as auditions helped the cast come together as a whole. The intense week of rehearsals allowed everyone to get to know each other better and develop this piece.

How did you become interested in making performance?
I first took an interest in drama when I was a lot younger. I remember doing a workshop and putting on a show of Where The Wild Things Are. What I loved getting involved with the most was the making of the costumes and set, I loved being creative and seeing how this all made a show really come together. A few years later, I started to enjoy drama even more at school. I took a technical theatre elective in second year which again let me explore the backstage aspects of theatre such as lighting, set and makeup, something that I really enjoyed. In the years that followed, I loved performing in various plays acting as many different types of characters. As someone who focused primarily on marketing during It Snows, I would say this interest came from my love of graphic design, and my desire to do more of this hobby through the designing of posters and programmes, and my interest in grabbing an audience's attention and gaining interest.

Was your process typical of the way that you make a performance?
As this was our first ever production we have run we adopted a template that Amanda Glover, our director, uses in other productions. By creating a schedule and deadlines to meet helped us keep on track. By holding auditions and rehearsal weeks it was a typical way to run a production.

What do you hope that the audience will experience?
I hope the audience feel like they are on a journey with Caitlin and Cameron. This is a movement piece of theatre the audience need to be able to watch the play with a creative mind to feel magic of the snow and what it does to the relationship. The fact the snow creates peace between the parents and the peace it creates between the lads and the girls towards Caitlin and Cameron.

What strategies did you consider towards shaping this audience experience?
By using a Facebook page and group chat it helped us keep in contact with all cast members. Although we only saw our director once a week by using email helped us keep up to date with progress we were all making. Our strategy of promoting our production was using social media and making posters, leaflets and pop up banners. This allowed lots of people aware of our production and make our sales rise.

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