Saturday, 11 April 2015

What the hell is wrong with The Daily Mail

I thought it would be really funny to take that Daily Mail article about Ed Milliband's love-life and replace it with characters off He-Man.

Five hours later, my eyes are red and puffy and even the cosmology of The Masters of the Universe was not detailed enough to follow every detail of The Mail's exhaustive study of the woman who have probably seen the Labour leader's tackle.

Every single time I thought it had ended, there was another paragraph, another holiday to Libya, another example of how people in politics probably pump other people in politics.

It's the longest non-story ever. At least when they accused Clegg of wanting to betray Britain to Europe because he had some connection to the Nazis or something, at least it was about politics.

If The Daily Mail put as much energy into investigating actual
things, as opposed to where Ed might have put little Ed before he got married, it could expose the Illuminati's conspiracy.

Next time the print newspapers bemoan how the internet is killing journalism, can we remember how much ink got spilled over this, and that newspapers are becoming fanzines for interest groups, without the unique angles and sense of creative fun. 

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