Friday 10 October 2014

New York masterpieces of the 20th century, from Bonnard to Mitchell: Art Select

Art Select is a unique initiative launched on the strength of a private passion of founder and owner Kanika Subberwal which today is a strong and successful international business format. In Bahrain, Subberwal has founded her first dream project with HUE to reach colours and flavours across barriers.

The module is based on establishing alliances internationally with established and recognized entities, sharing values and together showcasing contemporary art and the culture, representing it in its best form.

Hosting high calibre exhibitions together with providing a platform for emerging artists has given Art Select a definite edge in making art more accessible, thereby strengthening its association with clients from various cities including Dubai, Muscat, London and Bahrain. The art exhibited ranges from the masters to emerging talent from India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

It is the endeavour of Art Select team to position itself as a valuable resource for a substantial range of quality art, to advise, consult, assist clients in understanding art as an investment, and the significance of building private and corporate collections.

Art Select UK’s first exhibition was held at the Taj Hotel, 54 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E on Wednesday 8 October, from 12pm – 6pm.

The exhibition will feature works from:

· Aadil Abedi - India

· Amiya Bhattacharya - India

· F. N. Souza - India

· Ismail Gulgee - Pakistan

· Jaideep Mehrotra - India

· Jamala Abdul Rahim - Bahrain

· Mahendra Bhagat - India

· Manu Parekh - India

· Mattar Bin Lahej - UAE

· Mazarine Memon -India

· M. F. Husain - India

· N. Warour - Syria

· Radhika Hamlai - Oman

· Suchi Chidambaram - India

· Tauseef Khan - India

· Tina Chandroji - India

· Uzma Dadabai - Bahrain

· Wahab Jaffer - Pakistan

About the Artists:
Nasr Warour currently lives in Dubai and has been participating in shows since 1986 and has been exhibited in Syria, Dubai, Lebanon and New Delhi. His repertoire is formed by abstract creation fused with figurative elements. He uses cubist techniques and his images feature bold, bright colours alternating with dark and black shapes.

Jamal Abdul-Rahim was encouraged to take his hobby of art to the next level by distinguished Bahraini artist Abdel-Jabber Ghadban who was fascinated by his techniques in etching and printing. He held his first solo exhibition almost 15 years ago and he focuses on sketches, oil paintings and etchings.

Matter Bin Lahej is considered among the second generation of Emirati artists and is a self-taught painter, sculptor and photographer. Movement is an important part of his art from his paintings to his equally powerful sculptures that capture split-second movement.

Uzma Dadabai was born and schooled in Karachi, Pakistan but is now a naturalized Bahraini. Uzma likes to experiment with Arabic Calligraphy using different textures also incorporating semi-precious stones. She consistently strives to convey concepts of beauty, power and mysticism in her artwork.

Radhika Hamlai is a self-taught artist from India, settled in Muscat, Oman. Her art is abstract, colourful, vibrant, full of energy, and is influenced by nature, focused on the ‘‘scenic beauty of Oman’’. She had several successful exhibitions and was awarded for her talent within the Sultanate and in India. She is a member of the Omani Society of Fine Arts, Artist Centre and Bombay Art Society.

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