Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Red and Boiling @ CalArts 2018

CalArts Festival Theater presents
Red and Boiling
Come out into the light!

Dynamic Drag Duo Lights Up the Stage!
Red and Boiling uses shadow puppetry to shed new light on untold stories of queer womyn from around the world

Hasadick the bearded drag king is somewhere between a passionate queer activist and your favorite Jewish grandmother. He has interviewed queer womyn from around the world, and is here to share their stories verbatim. Rosay, his bougie (and pain in the ass) sidekick took these stories and recreated them in a world of shadow puppetry. 

It’s like soup, a pot of queer stories, a pinch of drag, a dash of lip sync, a few slices of puppetry, some tears, and they always keep it salty.

Red and Boiling, one of three shows presented by CalArts Festival Theater, opens at Venue 13 on Saturday, August 4th at 13:15 and runs through Saturday, August 25th. There are no performances on Mondays.

Tickets for all CalArts Festival Theater shows are available through the VENUE 13 or EdFringe Box Office.

Would you identify your show as 'gay' or 'queer'? What makes you define the show with this label?
Definitely queer. The nuance of labels and language is a big part of our show and the way we describe it. To us, queer is not only a term to define identity, it is also a performance of resistance in itself. Our queer bodies in public spaces, or performance spaces are inherently political and defying the standards of

Gay men have DICK-tated the narrative represented on stage for years, excluding queer womyn and people that live outside of the binary. Choosing the word queer to represent our interviewees and our show, encourages our audience to think outside of the binary, and to see a more nuanced representation of what queer looks like.

What differences do you see between the labels 'gay' and 'queer'?
Historically ‘gay’ used to define a larger range of identities, however today it is used primarily to represent sexual orientation, specifically cisgender men. To us, ‘queer’ contains the nuance and specificity that ‘gay’ lacks.
It holds the intersectionality of gender identity and sexual orientation, without needing to abide by binary language. Especially as queer womyn, using the word ‘gay’ (that has primarily described gay men) feels like a form of erasure because the language wasn’t made to encompass our identity.  

Why do you think I am asking this question, particularly of your show?
Because when a drag king & drag queen are telling stories of queer womyn verbatim, how could you not? ;)

Dozens of womyn interviewed, from the middle east to the U.S., of different ages, identities, and religions, have never seen themselves represented on stage. Hasadick and Rosay are dedicated to amplifying the reality of queer womyn beyond the act of coming out and Red and Boiling provides that space. Come rediscover your identity and witness an hour of celebration, heartbreak and magic.

But that’s not all, during the fringe the interview process will continue.  Every performance will change as new content is introduced. 

You can listen to the full testimonies on their podcast available at 
One day you’re interviewed, the next you’re in the show. Come out into the light! #redandboiling.

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